CHSA Finals 2020 - Quarter Horse Hunter Under Saddle

Horse Owner Rider Shows Points
1    Captive 'N The Park Trudy Wissel Courtney Ryan 3 36.00
2    Free Willy Elizabeth Morsey 1 28.00
Trulee Ziprageous Trudy Wissel Eibhlinn White
Margaret Lukenda
3 28.00
Horse: Captive 'N The Park
Owner: Trudy Wissel
Rider: Courtney Ryan
Shows: 3
Horse: Free Willy
Owner: Elizabeth Morsey
Shows: 1
Horse: Trulee Ziprageous
Owner: Trudy Wissel
Rider: Eibhlinn White
Margaret Lukenda
Shows: 3

Last Updated 4 May 2020


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