CHSA Finals 2018 - Quarter Horse Hunter Under Saddle

Horse Owner Rider Shows Points
1    Captive N The Park Trudy Wissel Kristina Lester 5 180.00
2    Trulee Ziprageous Trudy Wissel 5 118.00
3    Pep O Mint Patti Trudy Wissel Courtney Ryan 5 68.00
4    Blue Sky Martini Melissa Lussen Paige Lent 3 62.00
5    She'z Only A Zippo Mary Fischer 1 40.00
Walk For Chocolate Bethany Zorba-Morris 1 40.00
Just Be Gus Robin Bisi Robin Bisi 1 40.00
Dressed For Cocktails Melissa Lussen Elena Osorio 1 40.00
9    Private Poker Party Amy Osorio Leila Osorio 1 28.00
Horse: Captive N The Park
Owner: Trudy Wissel
Rider: Kristina Lester
Shows: 5
Horse: Trulee Ziprageous
Owner: Trudy Wissel
Shows: 5
Horse: Pep O Mint Patti
Owner: Trudy Wissel
Rider: Courtney Ryan
Shows: 5
Horse: Blue Sky Martini
Owner: Melissa Lussen
Rider: Paige Lent
Shows: 3
Horse: She'z Only A Zippo
Owner: Mary Fischer
Shows: 1
Horse: Walk For Chocolate
Owner: Bethany Zorba-Morris
Shows: 1
Horse: Just Be Gus
Owner: Robin Bisi
Rider: Robin Bisi
Shows: 1
Horse: Dressed For Cocktails
Owner: Melissa Lussen
Rider: Elena Osorio
Shows: 1
Horse: Private Poker Party
Owner: Amy Osorio
Rider: Leila Osorio
Shows: 1

Last Updated 17 Aug 2018


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