CHSA Finals 2017 - Color Breed Pleasure

Horse Owner Rider Shows Points
1    Draego Matthew R. Belcourt Matthew R. Belcourt
Timothy Belcourt
12 396.00
2    Blackjack Samantha Hansen Samantha Hansen
Katie Stocks
9 348.00
3    Patches Of Blue Trudy Wissel Morgan Islam 5 184.00
4    Breakfast At Tiffany's Trudy Wissel Courtney Ryan 5 134.00
All Zipped In White Kayleigh Thewissen Kayleigh Thewissen 4 134.00
6    Samwell Madison Brzozowy Sarah Brzozowy 2 64.00
7    Princess Peach Amy Kriwitsky Phyllis Ruez 2 54.00
8    Hunting For Baloo Abigail Andrusis Abigail Andrusis 1 40.00
TakeMe To The Moon Shelby Sabrowski Shelby Sabrowski 1 40.00
Movado's Memphis Movado Farms, Inc. Harper Sanford 1 40.00
Kiss Me With Zip Melissa Lussen Payton Lussen 1 40.00
Sweet N Salty Sally Allison Regan Donahue 1 40.00
13    On Top Of Old Smokey Sarah F. Weaver Kaitlyn Schaffner 1 36.00
All About Hunter Hillary MacDonald Hillary MacDonald 1 36.00
15    SkipToAHotSensation Karin Duggan Elizabeth Malone 1 28.00
Tanks For The Memories Keira Kaminsky Keira Kaminsky 1 28.00
Horse: Draego
Owner: Matthew R. Belcourt
Rider: Matthew R. Belcourt
Timothy Belcourt
Shows: 12
Horse: Blackjack
Owner: Samantha Hansen
Rider: Samantha Hansen
Katie Stocks
Shows: 9
Horse: Patches Of Blue
Owner: Trudy Wissel
Rider: Morgan Islam
Shows: 5
Horse: Breakfast At Tiffany's
Owner: Trudy Wissel
Rider: Courtney Ryan
Shows: 5
Horse: All Zipped In White
Owner: Kayleigh Thewissen
Rider: Kayleigh Thewissen
Shows: 4
Horse: Samwell
Owner: Madison Brzozowy
Rider: Sarah Brzozowy
Shows: 2
Horse: Princess Peach
Owner: Amy Kriwitsky
Rider: Phyllis Ruez
Shows: 2
Horse: Hunting For Baloo
Owner: Abigail Andrusis
Rider: Abigail Andrusis
Shows: 1
Horse: TakeMe To The Moon
Owner: Shelby Sabrowski
Rider: Shelby Sabrowski
Shows: 1
Horse: Movado's Memphis
Owner: Movado Farms, Inc.
Rider: Harper Sanford
Shows: 1
Horse: Kiss Me With Zip
Owner: Melissa Lussen
Rider: Payton Lussen
Shows: 1
Horse: Sweet N Salty
Owner: Sally Allison
Rider: Regan Donahue
Shows: 1
13  Horse: On Top Of Old Smokey
Owner: Sarah F. Weaver
Rider: Kaitlyn Schaffner
Shows: 1
Horse: All About Hunter
Owner: Hillary MacDonald
Rider: Hillary MacDonald
Shows: 1
15  Horse: SkipToAHotSensation
Owner: Karin Duggan
Rider: Elizabeth Malone
Shows: 1
Horse: Tanks For The Memories
Owner: Keira Kaminsky
Rider: Keira Kaminsky
Shows: 1

Last Updated 31 Jul 2017


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